101 in 1001: Updates

Instead of getting into the nitty gritty, here is a quick summary of how I’m getting on with my list

Watch every episode of Breaking Bad

This is something everyone should do. Five series. Best five series of your life, I promise. Chemistry, Aaron Paul, the ruining of Malcolm in the Middle forever, and a super satisfying ending.

Watch every episode of Buffy the Vampire Slayer

This was longer. Seven series of 22 episodes each. It was still awesome. Its all the feminism and vampires that Twilight is so sorely lacking. Plus 90s everywhere.

Watch Shawshank Redemption

It took 21 years, but yes, it is a great movie.

Update Passport

I’m sorted for the next ten years and my picture isn’t half bad. Success!

Go to an Aquarium

I went to Sealife in Bray when I was working summer camp. I may have spent more time telling kids to not stick there hands in the water than actually looking at fish but there were sharks at the end and ice cream was a thing later in the day so it is all good.

Swim in the Ocean

Also a summer camp endeavour. I went in fully clothed (well… bright yellow polo shirt and shorts), ruined the company phone by forgetting it was in my pocket, dragged 8 year olds around on the back of a boogie board, and did all this without getting burnt. I love the ocean 🙂


More Than Just Core (And Life Updates)

Life updates first. 

  1. I am employed! I start summer camp on Tuesday. Huzzah!
  2. I am still almost constantly tired. Honestly, I should be able to get through one shower without having to sit down. Boo.
  3. My jaw hurts which means I really should go to the dentist. Boo.
  4. My lovely sister no longer lives in our house, but a different house two miles away. I remain a home bird for life. 
  5. I am officially going to see Amanda Palmer in July, courtesy of my beautiful friends. 
  6. My tights were ripped yesterday via thigh friction. I am nil impressed and also more motivated to not eat cake for breakfast anymore. 
  7. My beautiful boyfriend got me an iPod which I had to promise not to put in the washing machine/water damage through storing it in my sports bra/lose.
  8. I am running around 10 miles a week. And by run, I mean walk/run. But I’ll take it.
  9. I can’t think of something for this one, but I want a nice even number 010 for this segment.
  10. I joined my friend Melody’s six week ab challenge which she started to raise money for the ALS Association. Check out the details here

I met Melody through my church when we both volunteered at the Rape Crisis centre. I’m a nursing student, she’s a med student, we had a lot to talk about. So help me support her cause and work on our collective abdominal muscles 🙂

Losing Faith In The Human Race

I try to see the best in people. Yeah, everyone makes mistakes and can act like an asshole but on the whole, I like to think people are generally good.

Then you find a guy passed out in the street and everyone turns their head and moves on or takes a picture on their camera phone and laughs before moving on. All the guy needed was to have an ambulance called and be put in the recovery position but because he had a few drinks in him, it was “his own fault” and didn’t deserve any help.

Then you can’t help overhearing the phone conversation of the guy behind you on the bus (because he’s practically shouting) about how disgusted he was with himself for banging this manky girl and how if she didn’t take the morning after pill, he was going to beat the shit out of her. His mention of secondary school also placed him at a not-so-innocent 16 or so years old.

Then I go back to the A&E Department and watch the nurses who I aspire to become like dealing with all this type of shit on a daily basis and I believe in the goodness of humans again.

Sleep Don’t Weep

I’m quite tired. I find it semi-hilarious that when I’m quite tired I tend to blog instead of sleep. Clearly I have my priorities straight.

I’m still very busy, I have scripts and dances and songs to learn for work, facts about heart conditions and hereditary diseases to learn for college, plans and protocols to learn for my impending role as VP/Secretary for Out in UL. I have to skip the Great Limerick Run in favour of rehearsals but I am still hoping to do my birthday race so am trying to fit in runs. I am not sure how well I am doing but I’m tipping away.

I am now at the level of tired that all I want to do with my life is read books and record songs and write random poems for random boys. In short, its the time of year when I want to just be an artiste, knowing full well that given the opportunity I would spend all my time on facebook. I blame exams.

So I’m going to take Damien Rice’s advice and Sleep. Don’t Weep. And carry on.