If My Life Were A Movie

There is always this question in lists of random questions asking who would play you in a movie. I do not know. But because I am a creep, I know who would play my friends. And not the actors. The fictional characters. For the sake of not getting boxed in the head (as my godfather’s little one so delightfully coined today) you can guess yourself who is who.

I am tired and I couldn’t think of anything festive.

Friends, my Christmas gift: knowing that I love you enough to weirdly think about these things.

Nobody said it would be a good gift.



9. Your favorite television program, and why.

I watch a lot of TV. A lot of it is repeats. By which I, of course, mean: Scrubs, Friends, Frasier. At the same time, I usually just have it on for background noise – but I can still pull out a decent reference when need be.

I love hospital shows – House and Grey’s Anatomy are on the top of the list for the female members of the Stewart family. These days I like picking out the medical terms I understand and trying to figure out treatment plans in my head – this way I can rationalise that it counts as study.

Dr. Who. I was against it for so long. And now I find myself waiting for a blue box, fearing stone angels and working out the River/Doctor timeline so it makes the tiniest bit of sense. Something about fantasy shows – it is so much easier to just lose yourself and life’s petty little disappoints and problems for an hour when you are trying to get your head around what exactly a Time War might entail.

Then, when it gets right down to it, I bang on Spongebob Squarepants. Altogether now.

Whooooooooo…Lives in a pineapple under the sea?

How Demi Lovato Became My Absolute Hero

So, go read Demi Lovato calling the Disney Channel out on their light hearted approach to EDs. The absolute legend.

I first saw this on tumblr and I can’t say that this is the first time I noticed this kind of thing on children’s tv. I remember watching Victorious on Nickelodeon a few months back and being shocked when one of the characters casually remarked “Sure, what does she weigh, like 90lbs?” They were talking about a 16 year old average heighted girl. And now a ton of kids think that is the ideal.

Obviously some people are far slighter than others (my own sister is a basketball obsessed whip of a thing) but Disney took it too far with starvation jokes. Demi is not wrong when she points out that kids show actors are getting thinner and thinner as the years go by. And I am so impressed and inspired by her stand and fight against bulimia.

I always said she was the best one on Disney Channel anyway 🙂

The Brian Cox Drinking Game

I will begin by pointing out that I haven’t drank in over 10 months. But I am all about drunkeness and education 😛

Are you sick of repetetive games of Monopoly and Scrabble?

Do you have a large supply of vodka and bored friends that you are just itching to do something with?

Are you interested in exploring the fabric of space and time itself?

Introducing: The Brian Cox Drinking Game!

Copyright KateNap and IdleEmma 2011

There are four versions of the game: visual, verbal, extreme and suicidal. So stick on an episode of Wonders of the Universe and lets get to it.

Part 1: The Visual Version

Rule 1: For every unnecessary location, take a drink. (This will account for at least 5 drinks. Trust me.)

Rule 2: Everytime there is a long artistic shot with some needless walking or Brian Cox in silhouette, take a drink. Note: If there is talking or function to the shot, this does not count.

Rule 3: Everytime Brian Cox is not smiling (or looking broodily into the distance) take 3 drinks. Brian Cox smiles a lot.

Part 2: The Verbal Version

Rule 1: Every time Brian Cox says million, billion or trillion, take a drink. (It should be pointed out that things that happen in the universe often may happen some billion billion billion billion billion billion billion years in the future.)

Rule 2: Anytime you understand a scientific concept, yet can’t actually explain without using a Brian Cox visual metaphor, take a drink.

Rule 3: If you can explain it, make somebody else take a drink.

Part 3: Extreme Universe

Play either of the above versions, but add the bonus rule.

Bonus Rule: Anytime you hear the wor “universe” take a drink.

Part 4: Game Suicide

Play the game with all three parts. After about 11 minutes, let me assure you, you’ll be fecked.


The Changing Perceptions of Beauty

Hopefully as you read this, I am happily on a treadmill, completing my interval long run. An hour and fifteen minutes of 2 minutes green zone, 7 minutes yellow. Then a beautiful cool down of blue 🙂

Ever since I came home from college, certain shows have been banned from the house. Whilst Gok Wan is still perfectly acceptable territory (YUS!) everything from Supersize Vs Superskinny and Fat Families to America’s Next Top Model is firmly switched off at my mother’s request. In fairness, this is for the best and triggering is all too easy. And I can easily fill the time with Peep Show, House and Grey’s Anatomy (I am over my whole aversion to hospital shows.)

I remember one episode of Supersize Vs Superskinny featured a girl of 5’5″ weighing in at 105lbs. The family collectively grimaced at the sight of this undernourished girl in the same way we did towards her oversized counterpart. At 5’5″, my lowest weight has been 104lbs. And in my mind, this still wasn’t enough. To think that my perception of reality changed so much in such a short period of time is… not shocking, but notable. I once thought that Beyonce was the most beautiful woman in the world. And whilst I still think she is amazing, stick her next to Lady Gaga and all I can find myself doing is passing a comment on relative heftiness.

As if to strengthem Mom’s resolve to keep me away from such shows, the one episode if ANTM I have seen this series introduced me to Ann.


And I am not proud of this, but I still think she is beautiful.

But which is more important, I must constantly remind myself, being thin? Or being able to run, having the energy to go about my day, being free from calorie obsession and being able to have kids some day. Working on it, to say the least.