Speeding=Sexual Inadequacy?

Just a quickie (pun intended? I might rethink this later) now that I’m all refreshed and not lacking sleep anymore.

Last Saturday, myself, Klara, Rosie and Kelly set off for the cinema to see the Hangover. A kind of end of summer camp celebration. This isn’t a movie review, although I recommend everyone to see this movie (clever and hilarious!), this is a query on one of the pre-movie ads.

We’re all used to the Road Safety ads at this point, the blood, gore, crashes, wheelchairs, the familiar “Slow Down Boys.” So either the RSA have decided these ads aren’t working or maybe we’ve all just developed an immunity to the horror that graces our screens every fifteen minutes or so, but they’ve come up with possibly the most amazing, yet please-don’t-let-my-parents-be-in-the-room ad yet.

I trawled youtube and couldn’t find it, but basically there’s a bouncing, stationary car getting faster and faster. The slogan is still “Slow Down Boys” but now I suppose it means in more way than one 😉

I suppose if blood and gore don’t scare ’em, premature ejaculation might. Keep an eyeout for it.