Review: Dorian Gray

Meg had a tough day today. Between yelling and laughing and potential death, she revealed how excited she gets to read my blog. So this is in honour of you 🙂

As I constantly proclaim to anyone who will listen, The Picture of Dorian Gray by the legendary Oscar Wilde is the greatest book on the face of this green earth. Ever. I got into Oscar Wilde back in TY, when faced with the excruciating task of an Irish History Project, I somehow convinced my teacher that the author of The Happy Prince (the only Wilde literature I had read at the time) was worthy of the same report based treatment as the famine and Countess Markievicz. It was when I was researching for this, that I came across the beautiful quote “All art is completely useless.” I had fallen in love. And thus an obsession was born.

Two years after this momentous occasion, Clodagh, Meg and I ambled along to the Oniplex to see what Hollywood had done to this masterpiece.

***I’ll try keep the spoilers to a minimum but I can’t guarantee*** (Either way, go read the book. Now.)

The Good: First off, great cinematography. In the same way the book was beautiful to read, the film delivered a perfect and appropriate portrayal of the era with wonderful imagery. Oh God, I sound like an English essay. Moving on. The movie retained all those classic Wilde quotes, mainly from Lord Harry Wotton (Colin Firth – oh yes, we like him 🙂 ) Another thing, which I’m not quite sure I liked, but I think I did, was the way the implications of the book were drawn out and built upon but not changed completely. It made the movie easier to follow and the implications of the characters all that greater.

The Bad: They changed the ending ever so slightly. And that got to me. Just because I’m a book snob. I suppose it can’t be helped, Hollywood needs some leeway. And it was still good. Just not the same. Also, Harry had a daughter. Not a bad thing, just saying. The other thing was the sheer amount of sex. A little bit I’ll get over – but there was SO very much. At least it was tasteful and I didn’t have to see anybody’s areas. Shudder at the thought. Also why did he come onto that old lady??? I know it was a bet – but major vom.

The only thing that really really got my goat (yeah I said it) was the painting snarling. That couldn’t happen in real life! And I’m aware technically none of it could happen in real life. But still, ugh.

The Verdict: I really did love it. Well worth the nine euro and I will be forcing everyone around me to see within the next week. Also read the book, read the book, read the book. If I can’t subliminally message, I’ll just nag til you do it.