After A Solid Week Of Watching Dr. Who…

I think I have a problem.



Dresses and Balls and David Bowie

There are many things. Exams, for one. I haven’t done an exam since my Leaving Cert. Bah. Physics is surprisingly doable. Psychology is surprisingly arduous and lame. But it turns out that an A is only 70% in college. I’m not sure how I feel about that, but I’ll take it without complaint.

I am going to Nerd Ball after the holidays. So I need to find a dress for that and Aimee will be my guide on this coming Tuesday. We have yet to decide how fancy we should go. On one hand, balls can be considered as formal as a Debs. On the other hand, Nerd Ball is a collaborative effort by Game Soc, Anime and Manga, Computer Club, Chess Club, Lit Soc, Forum Soc and the Maths Society. So, who really knows? I’ll update if I find something glorious. Or at least something cute like these.

We had our last Forum Soc event of the semester after our stunning appraisal. All my references will include David Bowie for a while, because we watched Jim Henson’s Labyrinth (starring Jennifer Connelly’s Eyebrows and David Bowie’s Penis.) It is one of the most truly amazing movies of all time. And we learn so much, like be a good babysitter and don’t offer your stepbrother up to goblins, life isn’t fair so stop bitching about it, owls are really David Bowie in disguise, David Bowie can control the space time continuum and David Bowie’s very prominent penis will take over every shot it is in. You might even notice that David Bowie is attached occasionally.

There are various other things occurring in my life that my many friends are getting an earful of, and yet I think that maybe the internet is not the best discussion forum. For now.

That’s Dr. Stewart To You – The Post Results Aftermath

The line for the results seemed to last forever. As is the way of small country schools, our principal and vice principal were talking everyone through their results individually and I was getting antsier with every passing second. By the time I got to that door, I was fit to burst, cry and scream. I just wanted to know. My principal asked me to sit down before he told me. Highest in the school. Is it weird to hug your principal? I did anyway, embarrassingly blurted out “I’mon be a docta” (phonetic speling is necessary here) and exited the room doing that weird half-crying, weird breathing thing. Mort.

So official offers are not released until Monday buuuuut…

With my 195 in the HPAT and 590 in the LC, giving me a combined score of 753 (I can add btw, there is a thing to change the points after a certain cut off point) I feel pretty damn confident that that coveted place in UCC Medical School is mine 😀 (Points last year were 715… Can it really jump that much?)

So I’m excited, astounded, thinking about things like recipes and school books and laundry and hairdryers (hair straightener issue is sorted thanks to my amazing aunt who gifted me a GHD, my now prize possession.) My year it seems was not a waste of time 🙂

Thank you to for all the lovely comments and congratulations, both blogosphere and real world, I’ll try swipe you some celebratory medical supplies 😛

Parents, for letting me apply to school outside Limerick 

Mammy, for listening to my sporatic crying bursts.

Daddy, for letting me sing in the bar with him to break from study.

Ms Ryan, for getting me gigs and an A1 in music.

Megan, for the supportive texts.

My amazing buddies, for believing in me and thinking I’m a genius even though I can’t tell Left from Right.

I’m still in shock. It’ll probably hit me on Monday. Until then, if anybody sees a quality hair dryer for less than €18, I would be much obliged if you let me know.

Beaucoup d’amor 🙂

Leaving Cert Eve

In approximately twelve hours time, I will be sitting at a desk in my school hall, receiving the 2010 English Paper 1. The first of the most difficult set of exams of one’s life. Although one notoriously can’t prep for English 1, I banged out two hours this evening of Functional Writing, the correct use of dialogue and the features of persuasive of writing. And planned a convoluted short story that is nothing like the Notebook (anymore) thanks to an inspirational and jealousy filled (on my behalf) conversation about the story writing process with the boy.

I am rationalising blogging as practice for: possible diary entries, persuasive writing, reading, and my paper in general. Mmmm rationalising 😀

My coping mechanisms for tomorrow? I slept from about 3:00 til 5:30 and once that was over, decided to take everything edible in my eyeline and nomnomnomnomnom.

600 points? So not happening. But medicine? Here’s hoping.


Only In Ireland Would Snow Be A National Emergency…

Yeah I’m jumping on the blogging band wagon and passing comment. This time last year I would’ve killed for this kind of snow, it is epic, instantly landing, fantasy snow. The kind children wait for for years before coming to the conclusion that meteorology doesn’t always work out the way you planned.

But now, because I’m a big old nerd, I want it to end. I want to leave the house, I want to go to scho0l, I want to sleep comfortably warm again and I severely need to start waking up before noon. Mocks in 7 weeks. Gah.

I was a little too nerdy…Even for me.

Last night I spent three hours on MSN, with the primary conversation topic being the pros and cons of Batman interspersed with my excitement about AnimeCon in November and whether Kirby from Super Smash Bros. was better on the Wii or N64.

What have I become? At least nobody can accuse me of being a D4 anymore.


Still excited about AnimeCon though.