One Year Ago…

One Year Ago, I accepted my place in Medicine in UCC.

Today, I accepted my place in Nursing in UL.

One Year Ago, I was dangerously underweight.

Today, I am the healthiest I have ever been in my life (albeit technically overweight…but health is achievable at EVERY size.)

One Year Ago, my priority was wasting away to as low a weight as I could.

Today, my priority is making the best life possible for both me and the people I love.

One Year Ago, I felt like a child overwhelmed.

Today, I feel like a confident adult.

One Year Ago, everyday was a struggle.

Today, I appreciate life.


Its amazing the difference a year can make.



Destroy and Heal

I am cynical. And logical. And essentially atheistic. And I love a nice bit of scientific proof to back up any claim. So it is a wonder that I get on famously well with an alternative healing nun.

This morning was a health morning in my mom’s CDP. Thanks to Regeneration, the last of the housing estate (besides the project itself) is being torn to the ground. I mention this merely to contrast this mass of destruction with the healing that is slowly but surely affecting my soul.

I sipped on a smoothie while I waited for Maire (the alternative healing nun) to be free. Not my first time with Maire, she greeted me with a giant hug and a congratulations on my LC results. And then we chatted. Its no wonder people go to her for counselling. I filled her in on leaving college, what I’m up to now, the cold I can feel coming on (she noted I was pale) and random other anecdotes concerning the family (such as Helena’s goal at her GAA match yesterday :D) Then came the alternative part.

So maybe Bio-Resonance Testing isn’t an orthodox medical approach. But damn it if it hasn’t improved my health ten-fold in the past. I don’t want to believe in this stuff, but if it can suss out my wheat allergy and make life significantly easier to handle, then I trust. My energy is down at 9, it seems. Which is a fail considering it was a 23 last time (its out of 30.) I explained my weight loss situation to Maire and I’ll be seeing her again soon.

Part 2 of my healing today was my first ever Reiki experience. Reiki was something I was even more loathe to subscribe to. I mean, honestly, what was this supposed to do. For the first 5 minutes, my thoughts raced, and I realised how all over the place my mind actually is. It’s difficult to switch off. I made progress as the 20 minute session went on. Your eyes close deeper, your body feels warm, your muscles heavier, stiller. And I woke up more at peace than I have in months. The practitioner told me I needed to be more grounded (which I agree with) and that I essentially have my head in the clouds. She also said that I had been blocking part of the creative side of my brain. Ok.. I thought. Did I write? Why, yes, I do, in fact. Have you been writing a lot less lately? YES. You should start writing more again. Freaky, considering my blogging has gone to death lately. This is a sign.

So improvement seems on the horizon. Even if it wears off after a day 🙂

Run, Bank, Closure

I got an official offer from Cork. Win 🙂 And many of my friends seemed to have gotten their courses too. Points dropped. Which is a shocker really. But who’s complaining?

So I’m off for a celebration run. Its needed after my cereal binge of last night, and the weird chocolate rice krispie bowl thing Sinead and I made the night before. My stomach hates me for what I put it through.

I move house on the 8th. So I have been buying college crap like a mad one and organising myself to go. On the upside of this, I got an amazing laundry hamper in the shape of a pig. Penney’s, €3, where would you be going. On the downside, I have had to upset one of the nicest guys I have ever had the luck to know. I do not like this. But what can you do?

Lots of banking to be done now today as well as wiping my entire credit union account to pay for school books. Fun. So, over and out for the moment.

That’s Dr. Stewart To You – The Post Results Aftermath

The line for the results seemed to last forever. As is the way of small country schools, our principal and vice principal were talking everyone through their results individually and I was getting antsier with every passing second. By the time I got to that door, I was fit to burst, cry and scream. I just wanted to know. My principal asked me to sit down before he told me. Highest in the school. Is it weird to hug your principal? I did anyway, embarrassingly blurted out “I’mon be a docta” (phonetic speling is necessary here) and exited the room doing that weird half-crying, weird breathing thing. Mort.

So official offers are not released until Monday buuuuut…

With my 195 in the HPAT and 590 in the LC, giving me a combined score of 753 (I can add btw, there is a thing to change the points after a certain cut off point) I feel pretty damn confident that that coveted place in UCC Medical School is mine 😀 (Points last year were 715… Can it really jump that much?)

So I’m excited, astounded, thinking about things like recipes and school books and laundry and hairdryers (hair straightener issue is sorted thanks to my amazing aunt who gifted me a GHD, my now prize possession.) My year it seems was not a waste of time 🙂

Thank you to for all the lovely comments and congratulations, both blogosphere and real world, I’ll try swipe you some celebratory medical supplies 😛

Parents, for letting me apply to school outside Limerick 

Mammy, for listening to my sporatic crying bursts.

Daddy, for letting me sing in the bar with him to break from study.

Ms Ryan, for getting me gigs and an A1 in music.

Megan, for the supportive texts.

My amazing buddies, for believing in me and thinking I’m a genius even though I can’t tell Left from Right.

I’m still in shock. It’ll probably hit me on Monday. Until then, if anybody sees a quality hair dryer for less than €18, I would be much obliged if you let me know.

Beaucoup d’amor 🙂

One Step Closer

It’s been so long blogosphere. And I apologise. I apologise for taking you for granted, for being entertained by the musings of others without contributing anything back myself. But no longer. No longer will I hide behind the guise and excuse of exams, school and studying because I am now free. And whilst I don’t want to post mortem them all here to the excruciating detail I did everywhere else, I think they were fine. I was no victim of the Eavan Boland debacle, my maths went terrifyingly excellently and I got to write about the habits of the obese for my french paper 🙂

So summer hits and days are spent lounging in the park with the boy, reaquainting myself with my amazing friends who the Leaving Cert had seperated me from, listening in awe as Danny O Reilly from the Coronas sang Heroes or Ghosts as Gaeilge (actually in love…) Clubbing in Ballybunion is even more fun when you’re with your best friend with a total of €12 between you for drinks and you are the least dressed people in the place 😉

Today, I woke up excruciatingly late. Almost midday, its scandalous. Prepping myself for summer camp (what will I do with those children?!) and went to check the e-mail as per usual. E-mail from HPAT. I expected something like your results will be available in 2 days time or something, because I was full sure that they weren’t out until the 30th. But no. It was the real thing, the big shebang. I kind of stared at the screen for a while, reluctant to look straight away out of anticipation (and by anticipation, I of course mean fear.)

195. 98th percentile.

HOLY CRAP. I ran to my dad in the extension, half slipping on the tiles because I’m just lounging around in my socks. Followed by an over excited phone call to my mom. This e-mail has made my month. Because whilst this is no guarantee of that elusive place in NUI Galway, at least I know that if I do get it, medicine is the career for me. Even if I end up doing Nursing in Limerick, I know that hospital life will suit me well. I am ridiculously happy.

August can’t come soon enough.

Its Official: Galway has SUSHI!

It’s been a funny ‘aul week. Its had its ups and downs, its good points and bad points. On one hand, I can’t stop eating and I had an emotional ‘moment’ the other night at the Coach. But, I also:

  • Finished the Limerick Women’s Mini Marathon in 64 minutes
  • Had a fun night out on Saturday night
  • Completely fell in love with Galway

I caught the bus up Saturday morning for the NUIG open day. I must say, I had already kind of decided to put Cork as number one, and the whole open day thing was just a formality. But, I was surprised. Wandering around the city, then the campus, I could already feel that lovely at home feeling that I so associate with Limerick. I think it’s because Galway (like Limerick) is a city, but a small city. There was no nervous, no sense of being overwhelmed or that touch of impending doom I get sometimes where I’m somewhere giant and scary like Dublin or London.

I spent about an hour in a lecture about medical progammes. Now, I know. I know in my heart of hearts, I have to be a doctor. Like, no two ways about it. Sitting in that hall, it just felt right. This is what I have to do. If I don’t get it, I might just cry for a few weeks after Results come out.

Cork has so much to live up to. The only thing that was putting it in the lead was its brilliant supply of sushi. But now Galway has levelled the playing field.

It’s on.