In Which I Become A Raving Fangirl

I used to be into manga and anime in a big way. I loved the art and the weird comedy and the odd romance and the terrible voices (hating the terrible voices was part of the joy. And then 6th year came along and took over my life and I forgot about my obsession with Japanese cartoons for a while.

And then I was sick a few weeks ago (at which time I saved a semi-draft that I have just seen) and amidst a long overdue MSN conversation with Klara, I was introduced to MangaFox and the love that once was was reborn. I started by getting up to date with Loveless. Loveless is only the greatest manga ever. Read it. Now. Even if you disdain the shonen-ai, read it anyway. Its not a huge deal.

I also have a habit of falling in love with fictional, two dimensional characters. Namely Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club. After 26 episodes, its impossible to not want to marry him. Intangibility aside.