101 in 1001: Unsubscribe from all the email newsletters I don’t read

This is something I should have done a long, long time ago. But was always far too lazy to do and ended up doing mass deletions of my inbox two to three times a day. I was subscribed to a lot of things. A LOT. Surveys, job alerts from other countries, diet tips, you name it, I had a subscription.

I started by going onto the websites and unsubscribing the long way and after about three felt like giving up again. Then I discovered Outlook’s nifty little “Delete all from sender” button which included the option of blocking all future messages.

Done and done.


Public Campaigning – Things You Should Pay Attention to on the Internet

So first off, lets address this Kony 2012 business. I cried when I watched the video. And I was unsettled when I researched more into it. I haven’t yet decided where I stand on the issue – obviously I don’t approve of Kony, but I am not sure what to think of the means of campaigning quite yet. Like Gandhi said, “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind” so that is something to think about…So I will post both sides and let you come to your own decision, because if you haven’t seen any of this stuff yet, let me assure you will in the coming days.

This is the original video by Invisible Children.

And, analyses here and here. It is just as important to read these and get the whole story because the video will tap into your emotions pretty hard.

Everyone has a cause that they take into their hearts – for some it is animals, for others it is children’s rights or others again about disease awareness. The list can go on forever and rightly so – every cause needs someone to care and fight. Unsurprisingly, I am really into women rights and LGBT rights. So in that vein, check these out!

BeLonGTo are currently running a campaign called StandUp! to help spread awareness about bullying of LGBT teens. Its quite a cute, interactive little app that you run through your Facebook. BeLonGTo are the main LGBT support agency in Ireland and is a great resource of informations for anyone struggling with issues about their sexuality.

Its also International Women’s Day tomorrow (March 8th). This video was made for Women’s Day last year but I just saw it the other day in sociology class.

Check what’s happening near you here.