Chock Full Of Endorphins And Peanut Butter

I feel really good. I went to the gym after camp and went jogging. After the Arc Trainer which is my feel good machine to begin with. But anyway, back to the treadmill. Banged out 10 minutes at 8km/hr, which was in itself an achievement considering normally I would be panned out after this. And then I was like, I’m not even tired. So I did a minute of 10km/hr sprint and back to my 8km/hr for the last 4 minutes. Things that boosted the endorphins into overdrive included the fact that I jogged for 15 minutes straight, the fact that I could do 10km/hr at all AND the fact that the last four minutes felt so slow and easy and I was still jogging.

All this of course seems petty and miniscule to the seasoned runner. But this is baby steps. Baby steps in the right direction 🙂 My new goal is to be able to run 5k without stopping. After that I can think bigger. 😀

2 days left of summer camp. I go kayaking with under 12s everyday even though I am an under 15s leader. The girls in that kayak group are just so lovely in comparison to my table tennis boys who like to bate balls and rackets off each other. The u15s are highly entertaining though. Everything is an innuendo.

Me (after tennis): Could you pass me the balls?

u15s: Ah, you said balls!!! *inane giggles*

Me: Ye are the most dirty minded children I have ever met.

u15s: Ah, you said met!!! *inane giggles*


On a final note, I found a whole host of new blogs that I adore (now neatly organised into a categorised blogroll over there >>> ) that are inspiring me to no end, my favourite being Oh She Glows. A feel good blog with upbeat posts which are so real and yet make you want to run a negative split and open a bakery within minutes, perusing it, I find myself maybe starting to focus on the actual health of healthy living, not just the numbers. Really just a lovely read. I command you there. Now.