101 in 1001: See a play

Man of Valor Interview

I saw this play about a month ago. My aunt won tickets and gave them to me and since I couldn’t find anyone to go with, I went alone to the Limetree Theatre, not knowing what to expect.

Man of Valor is a one man, prop free show and it was mindblowing, emotional, and beautifully done. I came out of that theatre with all of the emotions. It was dark with blips of hope, present and unextraordinary juxtaposed against memories and fantasies.

The play follows the life of Farrell Blinks as he finds out about the death of his father and fights his demons as he lives his life. I never cry when I watch a movie. I made awkward jokes during the Notebook. But this burned and stung in all the ways that theatre should.


Kate Or Die!

I have no idea what to post about. I’ll cobble something together. All coherent thought is going into Gaelick for the next little while. Currently, life is: placement, running, T, Out in UL, sleep and sleep. In that order, until my life normalises, enjoy a website by another Kate linked to me by a third Kate.

What It Really Means To Be Irish

Happy Paddy’s Day! Sometimes it seems like the world sees the Irish in one of two ways. We are all leprechauns and priests… or we’re drunk. Who am I to deny this?

But there is a quintessential Irish-ness that the global community is less aware of.

I say 90% of this stuff pretty much all the time. And I am definitely not the only one.

All five members of my family watched this together the other day. I don’t what this says about us.

Limerick rapping at its finest.


Happy Birthday Token

Technically, it isn’t Niamh’s birthday until Monday, but we are celebrating her turning 20 tonight. And Niamh’s house parties are the things of legend. So as a “Token” of my appreciation for her (see what I did there? 😀 ) here is my love expressed in memes.