Queerbash 10: Let Them Ear Cake


It’s that time of year again, guys – Queerbash! And after the roaring success of Queerbash 9: Queers Go Native, we are back for our 10th Birthday 🙂

We’re going all out for hitting double digits, with free cake for the first 100 people through the door, and amazing acts including UL Dance, UL Choral, UL Drama, DJ John Kelly, Milk Baby, and hosted by the wonderful Candy Warhol and the fabulous Davina Devine. Did I mention there would be cake?

Let out your inner Marie Antoinette and go all out with Out in UL in Dolan’s Warehouse, 22nd March at 9pm. And you’ll be there at 9 – cake, remember?

Hope to see you all there, kids x


Queer Ball

To kick off UL Rainbow Week, Out in UL are holding Queer Ball on the 5th November at 7pm in the Absolute Hotel, Limerick. If you like your gay nights out laced with fun, frolics, formal wear and fabulousness, then this is the night for you! Dinner, dancing and delight, its the perfect way to start off your Rainbow Week.

Tickets cost €30 for the full event, €15 for afters and are available from the Absolute hotel, ULSU reception, any committee member, pro.outinul@gmail.com or at our snazzy eventbrite page here!

It’s the most wonderful ball of the year!

What To Do On Date Night (When You’re Broke)

I do like dates. I’ve mentioned this many times but its true. I went on a date yesterday and it was awesome. Trad and old man bars can’t be beat, especially when it came in at less than a tenner (I drank a lot of diet coke.)

I tend to be broke. I’ve also mentioned this many times before. So I like my dates to be cheap and cheerful. So here’s some stuff to do when your wages don’t want to make friends with wine.

10 Cheap Date Ideas

  1. Home movie night – its been done to death but its still way cheaper than going to the cinema. Plus you can watch gangster movies and make inappropriate comments. Et cetera.
  2. Play board games – play strip board games if you’re feeling saucy.
  3. Go to an art gallery – pretend you understand all the nuances of art. Act pretentious. Drink free wine if they’re offering.
  4. Go on an adventure – even if this just means wandering around your suburb. Look for places to  hide. Make up background stories for loitering teenagers. Hold hands.
  5. Cook! – I don’t care how un-feminist-ly traditional it is, I like cooking dinner for people. It’s why people keep me around.
  6. Get your skates on – roller or ice depending on the time of year. Laugh when you fall on your ass 🙂
  7. Go to the park – Or forest as the case may be. Hit up the playground until the warden throws you out for being old.
  8. See a band – local bands are usually free and surprisingly good. Then hit up a nightclub on a monday. Free too.
  9. See some animals – go to the zoo or the aquarium or a farm. If even that is too dear, go to a shelter and see if any cats or dogs break your heart enough to take one home. Inevitably leaving you with less money.
  10. Get the shift – no explanation required.

QueerBash 9

QueerBash all began eight years ago in 2004 when Paddy McHugh RIP, the then President of  OutinUL Society decided to take the words Queer and Bash and make it into something positive for the gay community and also the event was to bring together the whole student community of UL whether you where Gay, Straight, Bi-sexual, Lesbian, Transgender or Questioning

Check out all the details here!

This Friday 13th April sees the 9th Annual QueerBash from Out In UL, the LGBTQ society in my university. I first heard about QueerBash when I was 16 and working for the Red Ribbon Project on work experience. I remember coming in and my supervisor telling me about how she had been too lazy to really commit to her drag king look so had instead stuck on a moustache, left on her usual look and went around shouting, “I AM A LAAAAAAAAADY!” I have wanted to go to QueerBash ever since.

This year is a tribal theme – “Queers Go Native!” – and whilst I am not sure what every other act is doing, I am pretty excited about what I am doing with Choral Society for the event. Daemon Irrepit Callidus, we will have our day again. After a hard night of partying, Sparkles is also happening in UL the next day and involves a series of workshops on pride, sexual empowerment, marriage equality and lots more.

Out in UL is one of those things that I joined with a few nerves but has been the best society I have ever been involved with. To the extent where I occasionally wander up to our president, Niall, and remind him how much better my life is now that I am part of the group. There have been great moments, distressing moments, flawless moments. Fronds, I love you.

Nerd Ball 2011

I went to a ball on Sunday. Call me freakin’ Cinderella 🙂

After the Yu-Gi-Oh drinking game was complete, off we went to a fancy hotel to be socially awkward (and skip dinner because we are cheap.)

Besides the DMC-ing in the bathroom and the fancy dresses and suits, there was also a number of theme songs (Big Bang Theory, Fresh Prince, Pokemon and Dr Who but to name a few) and the President’s Dance Off, in which Niamh did her presidential duty and made me proud.

I danced a lot. To a lot of 80s music. And really anything else that came on. The shoes came off though.

There is of course more to say but this is a family show. So I leave you with a picture of me in my finery 😉

Life Lessons: Cork Weekend Edition

  1. The first time you eat fish after over 6 months is distressing and a bit of a waste of money because you will give most of it away. Luckily, my friends can handle my crazy emotions. But the second time is a little better. And I hope it will get better from here.
  2. There is a damn sight more than Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender. Try LGBTQCISAP on for size 🙂
  3. I’m still shit at bowling.
  4. Two nights out in a row is exhausting.
  5. Nobody cares, Token.
  6. There is always a way to make a gayer exit (for example, singing the Sound of Music.)
  7. Its really awkward when you wake up from an overcrowded room to find that your society president had a double bed to himself. Mutiny much?
  8. Racist humour is uncomfortable.
  9. Dead baby jokes are hilarious.
  10. I am learning so much about myself everyday, some I like and some I don’t. But either way, its me, I guess.

KateNap: Now Coming Live From The University of Limerick

I am in college again. Actually, I have been in college a week now. What the what?! I get to do Sciencey things like anatomy and biochemistry and practical stuff like peri-operative care and health psychology. But more importantly, UL is letting me live my life.

Lovely things include: Forum Soc (of which I am treasurer.) Costies. Foam Party on Monday. Many other parties during Fresher’s week. Making friends in my course. Making friends in other course. Shy dates in Starbucks. Running in a very pretty location. Being so busy that I often forget that I ever had something as annoying as an eating disorder. Winning the ultimate Twister championship (it may have helped that I was sober…)

I woke up today with a smile on my face. I fucking love my life.