The Brian Cox Drinking Game

I will begin by pointing out that I haven’t drank in over 10 months. But I am all about drunkeness and education 😛

Are you sick of repetetive games of Monopoly and Scrabble?

Do you have a large supply of vodka and bored friends that you are just itching to do something with?

Are you interested in exploring the fabric of space and time itself?

Introducing: The Brian Cox Drinking Game!

Copyright KateNap and IdleEmma 2011

There are four versions of the game: visual, verbal, extreme and suicidal. So stick on an episode of Wonders of the Universe and lets get to it.

Part 1: The Visual Version

Rule 1: For every unnecessary location, take a drink. (This will account for at least 5 drinks. Trust me.)

Rule 2: Everytime there is a long artistic shot with some needless walking or Brian Cox in silhouette, take a drink. Note: If there is talking or function to the shot, this does not count.

Rule 3: Everytime Brian Cox is not smiling (or looking broodily into the distance) take 3 drinks. Brian Cox smiles a lot.

Part 2: The Verbal Version

Rule 1: Every time Brian Cox says million, billion or trillion, take a drink. (It should be pointed out that things that happen in the universe often may happen some billion billion billion billion billion billion billion years in the future.)

Rule 2: Anytime you understand a scientific concept, yet can’t actually explain without using a Brian Cox visual metaphor, take a drink.

Rule 3: If you can explain it, make somebody else take a drink.

Part 3: Extreme Universe

Play either of the above versions, but add the bonus rule.

Bonus Rule: Anytime you hear the wor “universe” take a drink.

Part 4: Game Suicide

Play the game with all three parts. After about 11 minutes, let me assure you, you’ll be fecked.