Day 2 of Sickness

I HATE BEING SICK! Seriously, there is only so much tv and computer I can take and I don’t have the energy for much else. There’s only so much Comedy Central re-runs I can take before my mid starts to wander and get lost in Kantian ethics and the like (oh yes that philosophy book I bought IS kicking in.) Its gotten to the point where I’ve spent more that 20 minutes on Bebo at a time and I’m seriously considering joining Facebook. Its getting dire, people.

So, let’s focus on the important things in life. Costumes. Halloween is upon us and since in seventeen years I’ve never not dressed up, I ain’t gonna start now. I was fairly well planned until last night. I was going to be Rizzo from Grease because my friend had given me a really awesome 50s-style dress, which as I remembered it only required a little bit of length altering. On trying it on though, we came to the conclusion that it was way more trouble than it was worth.

My original idea for a costume proved equally as complicated. As my last Halloween as a legal child, I was going to recreate my favourite costume from childhood, an homage, if you will, to all those Halloweens gone by. When I was three years old, I was Cinderella. Not just any old Cinderella, pre-transformation Cinderella. In all her raggy glory.


Its proving more difficult to get it together than I anticpiated.

So, any ideas? I’m thinking any character from a musical would be awesome. I know if all else fails I’ll just stick on a suit and be Joanne from Rent.


The beauty of musical characters is you don’t necessarily need to look like them.

Another good theme would be anime characters. If I can find a good ‘un, I’ll cosplay for Eirtakon. And you know you all want to see that 😛 Maybe Yuiko from Loveless? I do love the cat ears.


Now where do I find a pink wig….