Damage, Communion, and Easter

I wrote this at Easter and never posted it because I am terrible but it is a Sunday so there’s that. 

There isn’t the hype and excitement around Easter that there is around Christmas. From a secular point of view anyway, and these days that doesn’t bother me. I see the excitement and the joy in the hearts of my fellow disciples in Christ and it makes me even more astounded that almost 2000 years ago, Jesus was executed for spreading the truth and then returned to life. And sometimes I hear that and it means nothing because we all hear it every year. And I’m not going to get into the meaning of Easter and the theological gravity of resurrection and everything else, because then I’d just be explaining all of Christianity and most people who read this either already know it or aren’t going to read the ramblings of a baby Christian talk about Jesus.

I’m going to write about being damaged. We all have a chapter of our lives that we recall and think that’s what broke me. Maybe it was a bad breakup or a lost job or financial struggles. Maybe it was something that filled you with shame like a sexual assault or an addiction. Maybe it was the total feeling of loss and lack of control that comes with a mental disorder, like depression, anxiety, or an eating disorder. I can only speak for myself, but I am sure that many people have sat down one day and asked, “What is the point of trying any more? I am too far gone. There is no coming back from this. I’m done.” I remember feeling so damaged and worthless that I was surprised anyone wanted to give me the time of day. I remember knowing in the core of my soul that there was no point in trying to find God because He’d only hate me too.

And that’s what makes Easter so amazing for me. That’s what makes Jesus so amazing for me. He came back from death. With God, we can overcome anything. And this is getting alarmingly close to sounding like God will fix all your problems (He won’t. Hardship still exists in Christian life, because hardship exists in life.) But when Jesus died, He took it all with Him – the shame, the lies, the hate. He was damaged by the world just as badly as we are. And when He rose, He gave us the opportunity to take the broken parts and be reborn. He gave us the opportunity to be free.

He is risen! Happy Easter!



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