i wrote a facebook status after watching the rte debate on homophobia

I have the shakes after the homophobia debate. To those who believe that the pain of being called a homophobe equates to the pain of not being allowed to be married, of being afraid to talk about your relationship for fear of losing your job, of having to leave bars for fear of violence, of having a significantly higher risk of rape and suicide and mental illness, of being told that God hates you, of being bullied without reprimand, of knowing that there will always be a situation where it might be wiser not to reveal that you are LGBTQ…

if you think these two things are the same, then I would love to be living the life you are living, and I hope you greatly appreciate the rights and the privilege you have never had to think about. I hope that you consider that the way you conduct yourself should be primarily concerned with loving your neighbour. I hope that you understand that the Lord gave us free will and that you have no right to judge others, and that their relationships and behaviour will in no way affect your relationships and behaviour. I hope that you know that even if you still think that being called a homophobe is the same as the above, I will endeavour to treat you always with love, but that I will never, for a second, agree.


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