First Verses From Songs About Boys

1. He lives his life a tightrope/ His secrets are not there to behold/One anarchy stop sign won’t change his mind/His lips are blue from the cold

2. Where is my conviction?/I lost it somewhere on the borderline/Terms of endearment you whisper so frequently/You make the dinner/I pour the wine

3. You know the shores of Zambia/And the Pacific Sea/You know the waves of Donegal/But you don’t know me

4. I like your suit and tie/And your hazel green eyes/The way you stroke my hair when I cry/You like my adipose/And my 50s style clothes/The way I bypass your lips for your nose

5. Why do I think about you?/It’s a crime the time I waste each day/So do you know how much I love you?/I guess I will try to say goodbye

1. You are my muse/The things you do/Drive me crazy you are such an asshole/Love comes at a price/I am the mothering type/Your own Oedipus complex

4. He is the moon/Reflecting this light/Controlling tides of revelations/Night fades away/Dawn raises a glass/To the sun and escalation of day

1. The first convulsion wasn’t as sharp a shock/I just need a little air I’ll be fine/Drink up your pity/Intoxicating as dependency and beer and wine

2. All I need is your bones/I never get my fill/The life support is your sacrifice, your moans/I’m living for the chase, the thrill

4. You want my touch, my taste/But I’ve given it away/To the disillusioned, the frantic and the poor/And behind those green eyes/Desire fades away/To frustration/Resignation/Another hour to endure

1. The landscape’s very Tolkien/In your sleeping beauty tale/With the princess of obscurity/And a boy who’s getting laid

2. You are stoned/You are alone/And it makes sense/After all those years that you spent on the fence/You cheat, you lie/I rationalise, I cry/Maybe we work because we both want to die


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