50 Questions to Free Your Mind: Question 16

My mopey writing must be getting boring. So I’m returning to 50 questions. I’ve been doing these for far too long to only be on question 16. Anyways, Ciara is amazing. As is Beyonce. These two ladies were my get out of bed motivators today and I love them.

What one thing have you not done that you really want to do?  What’s holding you back?

It’s silly I guess but I wish I had the guts to go out and get gigs. All on my lonesome and playing what I want to play and spending time and committing to getting good and actually making money off of it. There are lots of reasons why I’m not doing this. Time constraints. Pleasing an audience with songs that they like rather than what you like. Not having adequate connections in the music scene here.

But there are other things holding me back. Fear. Inadequacy. Comparison to my other musician acquaintances who are all doing degrees in music and basing their lives off of it whereas I took the safe nursing career path. Instability. Lack of social skills. All summed up by not believing in myself.

But I digress. I shouldn’t complain. I am very grateful for my music opportunities. I get to teach and sing at weddings and sing with my father and sing in community centres for the elderly and, best of all, I get to play in the band in church.

So no more doom and gloom.

Only gratitude.


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