101 in 1001 Update: What I Did in 2013

I cried for the first time in months last night. About personal things, about queer things, about oppression and human rights, about the fact that I can’t change things. It was overwhelming and relieving all at once, and the urge still remains. Poor Tom and Ciara, the constant witnesses to my disgrace. 

As my subscribed readers (of which there are 100! what?!) probably noticed, I didn’t blog much in the latter part of 2013. But I did things on my list! I would write full posts to explain these things because some of them are pretty awesome and I could wax lyrical about them, but so much time has elapsed that I feel a sum up is more appropriate. So here are some of the things I did in 2013:

Learn to crochet

I got a crochet hook with a knitting magazine and got bored one morning over the Christmas. The back of the magazine paired with some Youtube videos and I could crochet. I haven’t done a whole ton yet, but I love how fast it progresses so its a skill I definitely want to develop in the coming year.

See Amanda Palmer in Concert

This really does deserve its own post but time has passed. She was amazing. There was no drummer but there was a string quartet, Jherek Bischoff blew my mind with his bass playing and he signed my bass strings ( ❤ ), I went to a ninja gig during the day and she played Oasis at my request, and I cried my eyes out when she played a new song “Bigger on the Inside.” Amanda Palmer is my inspiration and I could fangirl here all day but I won’t. You should, however, look up her music and her art and all her social media.

Go abroad with friends

Over the summer, Andrew, Ciara, Tom and I went to London. We watched Tom be awesome as an international wheelchair rugby player, we saw Camden and Chelsea and all the museums (including the Sherlock Holmes museum) and I made everyone ridiculously uncomfortable. Which we will never talk about again.

Read the Bible 

It took 6 months to read the Bible in its entirety and it was the best thing I ever did and I continue to read it still.

Visit three new places in Ireland

I went to Sligo town and Bundoran with T (way back when) and Bray with Summer Camp. Ireland is a lovely place.

Make a cushion

I did this at Elevate’s Women’s Day, which is proof that crafts are awesome. The pillows went to the Simon Community and it was a lot of fun.












So I did things! Huzzah! More things in 2014!


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