More Than Just Core (And Life Updates)

Life updates first. 

  1. I am employed! I start summer camp on Tuesday. Huzzah!
  2. I am still almost constantly tired. Honestly, I should be able to get through one shower without having to sit down. Boo.
  3. My jaw hurts which means I really should go to the dentist. Boo.
  4. My lovely sister no longer lives in our house, but a different house two miles away. I remain a home bird for life. 
  5. I am officially going to see Amanda Palmer in July, courtesy of my beautiful friends. 
  6. My tights were ripped yesterday via thigh friction. I am nil impressed and also more motivated to not eat cake for breakfast anymore. 
  7. My beautiful boyfriend got me an iPod which I had to promise not to put in the washing machine/water damage through storing it in my sports bra/lose.
  8. I am running around 10 miles a week. And by run, I mean walk/run. But I’ll take it.
  9. I can’t think of something for this one, but I want a nice even number 010 for this segment.
  10. I joined my friend Melody’s six week ab challenge which she started to raise money for the ALS Association. Check out the details here

I met Melody through my church when we both volunteered at the Rape Crisis centre. I’m a nursing student, she’s a med student, we had a lot to talk about. So help me support her cause and work on our collective abdominal muscles 🙂


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