Things To Figure Out Right Now

I am in the throes of mild confusion. I know. Throes. Mild. Terrible juxtaposition, Kate. But I am powering through/experimenting/trying to get my head around many things, which include the following (not an exhaustive list):

  • Going without carbohydrates until my exams are done – I fear the IBS and a repeat of my LC Chemistry exam where I was vomiting until 5 minutes before the start. Sorry guys, The Good Dinner is off the cards for a while.
  • On that note, I eat meat again. The aforementioned IBS. Guys. How did I go without bacon for so long? Also, how filling is meat??? My desire to binge eat decreases with every day.
  • And eggs. I know I used to like eggs. So why are eggs so unpleasant now? Maybe because I inexpertly scramble them and that is not nice. Today’s experiment: boiled eggs!
  • I was on the bus yesterday and I had one of those strange moments where you realise just how many people are in the world and no matter how complex you think your own life is, they more than likely have an equally complex life, which means that 6 billion deep stories are wandering around trying to survive life every day. That’s a lot of people.
  • I pray to God every night for direction. With 6 billion people wandering around, sometimes it is hard to focus on what we are meant to do as opposed to what we happen to do. Nursing – yes. That was no accident. But when I’m not nursing a.k.a. my unemployed summer. I’m thinking volunteering for Elevate and Red Ribbon to get me started.
  • Also, I am no longer president of Out In UL anymore. The beautiful Ciara now holds that position and I couldn’t be happier, 1. because Ciara is my bestie and she’ll be great, but 2. because I no longer have responsibility. Well. C&S responsibility. And I have been on a committee every semester for the last two years and I cannot imagine how much time that frees up. Relatively speaking considering the majority of academic year will be hospital placement, but I am torn between whether the relief is temporary and come September I’ll just miss hanging out in the C&S room.
  • I am old. Last week, one of my students mentioned she was going to an Energizer (teen disco), to which I responded “I remember when I used to go to Energizers…” “They’ve been around THAT LONG?!”


I’m not even 21.


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