101 in 1001: Go a week without caffeine

This was a necessity, not a choice.

GAD meant a ban of all stimulants (goodbye caffeine and alcohol) and hello anxiolytic meds.

I adjusted better this time than I did when I was 18. I suppose going from 3 teas a day to nothing is a lot easier than 8 coffees to nothing.

How to quit caffeine:

  • Find other hot drinks you like (or just drink the decaf version) Half of the time, I drink things because I am cold and bored. I like decaf coffee, chai tea, berry teas, and good quality decaf teabags (trust me, they must be good quality)
  • Give yourself time to adjust to a changed sleeping pattern You may need to sleep more. Go to bed earlier and get over it.
  • Use natural things to wake you up Apples are very good at waking you up – proven fact (according to an article I read a few years ago.) Also, cold water. Think of all the benefits – fibre to keep you regular and water to make your skin nice.
  • Power through Like anything, you just need to white knuckle it sometimes. I feel you.



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