Why I Look At Everything As A Feminist

I’ve been a feminist ever since I read about Emmeline Pankhurst in history class when I was 11. I have always identified very strongly as woman – and yes, I express myself as the very femme, dress wearing, floral loving, feminine sort of woman. But I have always seen that there was still a need for feminism, even if I didn’t quite understand why.

Then over the years, as my mid teens turned to late teens which turned to twenty, I learnt more and more. I learnt the true meaning of the word patriarchy, I learnt the difference between second and third wave feminism, I learnt about rape culture and apologism, I figured out my opinions on sex positivity and body ownership, I realised the power of slut walking, and through all this, I grew. I saw things that happened in my life, and I understood that feminism was the answer.

Feminism is something I passionately talk about every single day, but have yet to figure out a way to eloquently express my views in writing. A post in the near future may detail my own beliefs in terms of modern day sexism, but until then, I will leave you with some other people’s wisdom.

Lindy West wrote quite the stirring article. Especially Section Four which Ciara showed me on Tumblr. 


All courtesy of my Tumblr dash.


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