101 in 1001: See an opera

This happened in the week between February 14 (V-Day) and February 21 (3 months as a couple) and gave me yet another reason to love Andrew (its not just the height and the Doctor Who references – although that is a large part.)

We went to a live stream of Tchaikovsky’s ‘Eugene Onegin’ in the local cinema (close enough to count!) and it was awesome. We were the youngest people in there by at least 40 years, we were the only people with food (and we had a lot of food), and I assume we were the only people uttering phrases like “Lensky’s a little bitch” “You take that back!”

Seriously though, it is such an underrated and beautiful piece of theatre – I particularly liked the young-old dynamic in this production – and the little backstage stories at the start of each half just added to the experience.

Also, every screening over two hours should include a fifteen minute bathroom break. Well played, opera. Well played.


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