Pocket Hunger Coach

This is my new toy. And by new toy, I mean bookmarked on my phone and netbook. Pocket Hunger Coach is a great resource that I recently came across to help people deal with emotional eating. I have come across other programs like this one, but this is the first that focuses specifically on food.

The basic premise is that you answer a short series of questions that helps you focus on whether you actually want to eat or whether you are using food to mask another problem. It helps you to slow down and focus on the real issues, and it also provides some options for alternatives to destress. On the last page you get to decide: I can use food or I can use something else. This is huge when it comes to preventing binges before they begin. And it is much easier to prevent a binge than to stop one in process. Less bingeing = less panic = more stable moods overall = happier Kate.

I likes it. I likes it a lot.

Try it out here.


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