What Feminism Means To Me: A Brief Explanation

I am sitting here at 10pm reading various blogs and articles about the rape culture, slut shaming, and  victim blaming, and all of the raw emotion in the world is hitting me. When this passes, I will be writing an article about the whole thing for Gaelick sometime in the next month, but in the meantime, have some feels, educate yourself, and know that the rape culture exists.

Feminism came into my awareness when I was around ten and we learned about the suffragettes in history. Since then, I have learned about second wave feminism from Greer and Beauvais and have thrown myself into third wave and sexual politics. Besides my LGBTQ activism, women’s rights are the most important political and social issue to me. Maybe 2013 will be the year I write more about it.

Required Reading

How slut shaming leads to victim blaming [Womanist Musings]

Modesty, Body Policing, and Rape Culture [The Phoenix and Olive Branch]

Let’s talk about consent [Are Women Human?]


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