101 in 1001 Review and Revamp

I’ve been looking at my list and have decided that some things need to change. Some of the goals are just not plausible or not appealing anymore and I want to replace them with more do-able things. None of this is because it is difficult but rather because I just don’t care.

7. Stay sugar free

Not happening. Just no. I would still like to reduce my sugar intake but I have yet to think up a measurable and plausible plan to achieve this other than not buying sugary junk food as often. Particularly due to the fact that Andrew’s main food group is the sweet stuff, there is no complete avoidance and I’m cool with that.

34. Complete music diploma essay and 35. Complete ALCM(TD) in Classical Singing

This one breaks my heart a little. But in reality, nursing is my priority now. I just feel like without continuous training, I won’t reach the level of competent teacher and I don’t need this to be my career. I will still have singing goals. But I have to make my peace with this one. It isn’t meant to be.

46. Watch every episode of “Portlandia”

The more I watch, the more I don’t like it. To complete this goal would be a complete time suck.


That’s four goals to replace and complete by April 29 2015. Here are my replacements.

Finish my Grade 8 in piano.

For a sense of completism and so that I have a measurable music goal. There is so much less pressure associated with this and I feel happier about finishing it.

Rec reord a 10 song repertoire for my wedding singer website.

This is good for work and good for keeping up my standard of classical singing.

Watch every episode of Buffy.

Because its awesome.

Learn interview skills and cover letter/CV writing for nursing before I have to get a real job.

Very little explanation. I just want to get a good job when I graduate.


The rest stays as is. And now to tackle on.

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