Sites, Apps and Other Awesome Things for Being More Productive This New Year

ih I don’t do resolutions anymore. I set goals a lot (often here so that the internet can see.) But vague January-based “lose weight,” “be more productive,” “get better grades” etc. type stuff doesn’t entice me anymore.

I do love the help that the net can provide though, so here are some of my favourite websites and apps to motivate you through your seasonal goals đŸ™‚

1. Unfuck Your Habitat 

This is an app (if you have an iPhone) and a tumblr site that was recently introduced to me by Ciara recently. It refers to itself as motivation for lazy people, and it really is great for housekeeping and productivity. Its no shit attitude and advocation of little and often is super awesome. Check it out here.

2. My Fitness Pal and Endomondo

My Fitness Pal is a cute app I recently started using which can track your food intake, water consumption, nutrients, cardiovascular and strength workout and allows you to put little notes about your weight loss, nutrition or exercise goals.

Endomondo is what I use if I misplace my Garmin watch. It is a GPS tracker which will record your  pace, distance, intervals, and other things for a variety of workouts. While I prefer my Garmin because it is easier to look at on my wrist rather than taking out my phone from my pocket, Endomondo does the job and is free, making it perfect before you bite the bullet and invest in something expensive.

3. Adulting

Adulting is a site I have mentioned before, but it is still just as relevant for learning how to be a grown up, from how to deal with unpleasant situations to how to do Christmas without having a freak attack. All the steps necessary to be a functional human being.

4. Day Zero Project

I’ve been doing 101 in 1001 for a while now but it is so great because your goals can be big or small, as long as they are specific, and you have almost three years to do them. I like to use it to plan trips (some of my goals are to visit certain places), kill time when I am bored (learning language phrases), motivation for college (get a 1:1 degree) and sort out my life (buy trousers.) When I find myself super unmotivated, I just look at my list and see if there is anything I can do to tick off and give myself a sense of achievement. Start your own Day Zero Project here.


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