A Moment Of Silence

Every where I look, Facebook, Tumblr, television, I hear about the Sandy Hook tragedy.

It sickens me to hear that yet another shooting has occurred in America. I remember watching Bowling for Columbine last year and being distraught at both the shooting itself and about the manner of gun laws in the US.

I read Morgan Freeman’s statement on how the media’s inappropriate handling of such shootings is exacerbating the problem. I agree and hope the higher ups agree too.

I read that the Westboro Baptist Church are planning on picketing the funerals of the deceased children because they feel the deaths were a punishment to Connecticut for legalising same sex marriage. This horrifies me and I hope that they are successfully stopped.

I hear the stories of the teachers who lot their lives to save their students. I am amazed and I hope their stories don’t go untold.

Horrible things happen in this world. Maybe better gun control, better mental health services, and more appropriate media handling of such tragedies would work to reduce the number of unnecessary deaths. I don’t know.

Take a moment of silence. Reflect. Pray, if you are so inclined. And hope.


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