Life Updates #38937194

I seem to be in a constant state of sickness. First the vomiting bug and now I have a throat infection. Exams start in a week and a half and I am spending this week singing and teaching and singing some more in an attempt to make enough money for Christmas. I am also hoping that I will be well/motivated enough in the next few days to run/do Out in UL stuff/write more for Gaelick.

Things which I must buy: Christmas presents, supplies to make Christmas presents (read: flour [for cookies] and WOOL.) Amanda Palmer tickets (she is playing in Dublin in March and I am not able to contain myself.) Maybe a Nerd Ball ticket. It was super awesome last year and its even cheaper this year. But if that’s the case, I need to find a dress and look pretty which is a very hard thought to process when I feel like crap and my nose won’t stop running.

Best do some study now.

Or maybe not.


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