Holistic Health: Weekly Set Up 19/11/12

SO. I am revamping this a bit, considering my heightened awareness of my ED thoughts in the last week and the fact that I was going a bit overboard with the calorie counting and everything that went with it. Everything equates to an almost no exercise, no meditation and no nothing done because I was thinking about food too much and then college got ridiculously busy.

Food will no longer be part of the equation as my only plan now is to be compliant with the meal plan that my dietitian set out for me. This is basically three meals and three snacks a day, between two and three hours apart, with a proper balance of carbs, fats, proteins and veggies. I’ve been doing well with since Wednesday so I’m pretty happy and the bulimia thoughts are subsiding.

In terms of everything else, nothing went to plan but I did:

  • Spend time with T
  • Spend time with my lovely friends
  • Go for lots of walks around UL and Sligo
  • Learn lots of of various nursing things
  • Finish my assignment

So its not all doom and gloom up in here.

Fitness: My mother made a comment that maybe my mood slipping had something to do with the lack of yoga and kickboxing in my routine. I am inclined to agree because even though I love running, the mix of the three has always done me well in terms of mood stabilisation so I might reduce the strength training to fit in KB and yoga a bit more. I’m also putting no time span on any of these because exams are coming, plus work, plus life, so I’ll fit in what I can fit in.

Monday: Kickboxing and lower body

Tuesday: Run

Wednesday: Walk and strech (maybe yoga?)

Thursday: Walk and stretch (maybe yoga?)

Friday: Run and upper body (pre Ms Gay Ireland)

Saturday: Yoga (post Ms Gay Ireland)

Sunday: Run and core

Motivation: Most of my motivation for sticking with my meal plan is coming from the events of the last while. The main motivation to not get caught up in everything to do with food is sticking with my study plan, Gaelick writing, blogging and all the other tasks I do for me, not for my ED.

Wellness: MUST BUY WOOL FOR KNITTING. I am frustratingly near the end of a patch and have ran out of the colour. Sickened. I am also avoiding triggering nutrition classes to avoid having freak outs in college (I can study them alone, just not have discussions with other people), and will once again, try to fit in meditation a few times this week. I also need to be extra good with my meds this week because my dose has been reduced again (yay!) so I don’t want to feck that up any what.

Here’s to perspective, kids. Have a lovely week.



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