Holistic Health: Weekly Set Up 12/11/12

Why Am I Doing This: When dieting, binging and eating distress has become a significant part of your existence, any attempts to change your habits may still be laced with unhealthy thought patterns. To make sure that I am not taken over by calorie counts, exercise minutes or weigh ins, I am setting small weekly goals under four headings: Fitness, Food, Motivation and Wellness.

How Do I Keep Track: I keep a small note at the end of each day on how I felt I did in each category and also write a quick summary on a Sunday night of what I need to work on (e.g. drink more water, make time to meditate, etc.)

Review of Last Week: The week started off well and on track. Thursday, we received some terrible news and I’ve been completely unconcerned with exercising and food choices since then. I make no apologies. Time to start again this week.

Weekly Plan: 


Monday: Upper and lower body strength

TuesdayRun and core strength

Wednesday: Walk and stretch

Thursday: Walk and stretch

Friday: Run and core strength

Saturday: Yoga

Sunday: Run and lower body strength


Average 1800-2000 cal/day

6-8 cups water/day

Deal with stressful situations by talking it out rather than eating though it


Write in journal every night

Study for exams


Meditate 60 mins/week

Meds and vitamins on time


All of the hugs for everyone

It has been a tough week and with exams looming, I don’t see it getting any easier. To the next week!


One thought on “Holistic Health: Weekly Set Up 12/11/12

  1. I agree with your approach of writing your progress down ; this way you can track what’s working,and what isn’t going to make the cut anymore ;))

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