Recovery Inspiration From Neonates

yI was feeding babies in the hospital last week. Its very pleasant to hold a warm, clean baby and feed it a bottle of formula and put it to sleep. I wouldn’t want one all the time, mind you, but its a lovely way to spend the day.

I was holding this little baby girl who was born very small and very early and had worked her way from ICU all the way to the final stage before going home. She was a little fighter. And as I was holding this little baby girl, I felt a rush of amazement that this tiny, defenceless little thing had brought herself back from the most harrowing of circumstances and literally fought for the chance to live her entire life. And she was winning.

And it led me to this conclusion. If this teeny little baby can beat adversity, so can I. So can any of us. And I thought of this little girl who had fought so hard and I imagined her 18 years from now, questioning her worth, hating herself, destroying her body with self harm and unhealthy eating behaviours and unrealistic expectations and I thought of the pity that such negativity could so  easily take any of us, including this little girl who had struggled to survive and won.

It made me sad. And it reminded me that giving up is not an option.


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