Holistic Health: Weekly Set Up 29/10/12

Happy Monday! Welcome to my new weekly post which aims to motivate myself (and maybe some others) to keep focused on what my true health goals are and work towards achieving them.

Why Am I Doing This: When dieting, binging and eating distress has become a significant part of your existence, any attempts to change your habits may still be laced with unhealthy thought patterns. To make sure that I am not taken over by calorie counts, exercise minutes or weigh ins, I am setting small weekly goals under four headings: Fitness, Food, Motivation and Wellness.

How Do I Keep Track: I keep a small note at the end of each day on how I felt I did in each category and also write a quick summary on a Sunday night of what I need to work on (e.g. drink more water, make time to meditate, etc.)

Weekly Plan: 


Monday: Upper and lower body strength

TuesdayWalk and stretch

Wednesday: Run and lower body strength

Thursday: Walk and stretch

Friday: Run and core strength

Saturday: Yoga

Sunday: Run and core strength


Average 2000 cal/day

2L water/day

Avoid overeating in stressful situations


Write in journal every night

Complete writing tasks for the week (non-health related goal)


Meditate everyday

Take vitamins and medication on time

Take time three times a week to do something away from the screen

  • Monday: Knitting
  • Wednesday: Songwriting
  • Saturday: Reading

If I can do these very achievable goals (or at least give them my best shot), I’m happy. Have a great week kids 🙂



2 thoughts on “Holistic Health: Weekly Set Up 29/10/12

  1. Thanks 🙂 I figure if I can do a little bit everyday rather than going whole ho a few times a week I’ll be more consistent and my habits will stay on the right track 🙂

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