Those Words And Those Moods

It was a strange week for saying things. People I had never met said some things, people with whom I had recently become acquainted said some things, people who I adore said some things. And none of these things were malicious or even always directed at me personally.

So why is it that this build up of little niggles, the well meaning comments and advice, have thrown me off my game completely? I am filled with doubt – I don’t feel fit for anything, my ambition is waning, volunteering seems scarier than ever before, I can’t even convince myself to trust that the people who I care about reciprocate. At this point, I am just trying to tell myself that this too shall pass.


PS I miss you Token. Learn Scottish slang for us. 

PPS I miss you Megan. Get better soon. 

PPPS Continue to kick accounting ass Sinead. But then come home. 

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