Attitudes and Discrimination in Ireland’s Healthcare System

We are taught why we shouldn’t judge people for their conditions, their addictions, how they look and where they come from, but there is never a point made about not judging people for who they love.

Maybe I’m just sensitive because I’m an insider. Maybe I’m still sore that when my lecturer mentioned that people can’t change their demographic, besides gender in a few cases, everybody laughed. I still don’t get what was so funny.
The health system, and bureaucracy in particular, has a habit towards heterosexism. Admission forms require a marital status, of which civil partnership is not an option. My midwife friend has reported an expectant mother filling her form to indicate that her partner would be raising her child with her, only for it to be changed to “single mother” by staff when it was revealed that her partner was a woman.

Read the full article at Gaelick.


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