101 in 1001: Give Up Alcohol For A Month

When I first went on my medications, I didn’t drink at all for over a year. During this year, I learnt how to have fun while being the sober friend, how to mind drunk people without wanting to kill them and then myself and most importantly, I learnt how to not cave to peer pressure. Then I started reducing my meds for the first time and college life started to take its toll and I was often seen on a night out with a glass of whiskey lovingly cradled in my hand.

I go through phases of drinking. I’m not one for getting absolutely laaaaaangers (except for one or two occasions) but I had gotten into the habit of drinking consistently and every now and then, I would have one too many glasses of wine. So I set myself the challenge of going all of September without a drop of alcohol.

And I did it! I didn’t piss away money needlessly, I didn’t have hangovers to ruin my morning and I didn’t make an ass of myself at any point. I have rediscovered the benefits of avoiding intoxication. So I might keep this going.

Except for the occasional glass of Pinot of course.


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