Rediscovering Recovery

I feel better than I did a few days ago. Everything seems a lot less overwhelming and busy just for now. So my plan is to be well. Trying to diet and lose weight in the restrictive way I was falling into doesn’t work for me because I still have the urge to binge and then binging and stress leads to compensatory behaviour.

So to break the cycle, I am working on three things:

  1. Eating at regular intervals – I’m going to eat 5 times a day with a 3-4 hour interval in between. This is to break the habit of grazing and to ensure I am getting enough food so that hunger doesn’t trigger a binge. Right now, it isn’t so much about the calories that I’m eating but just putting structure back into my hunger cues.
  2. Prioritising my day – I have a lot of things to do in a week now that I’m back in college and part of how I became so overwhelmed was trying to do too much in one day and then getting stressed when my list was unfinished. Now I have three things on my list on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (when I have long days in college) and five things on my list on my days off. This includes making time to blog, to write articles, to review my lectures, to do assignments and to exercise. It makes my to do list far easier to complete and makes my head a lot less frazzled.
  3. Spend time on clearing my head – I was always more settled when I spent some time each week journalling, doing yoga, meditating and spending time with people who make me happy. These are now in my to do lists. Plus T is coming home this weekend so I’m super excited about that. I’m also looking into online support groups because I have found them useful in the past.

I’m hoping that the semester doesn’t get to me. Particularly my module on nutrition and my upcoming placement in a paediatric unit. But I’m a tryer and I’ll keep trying.


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