In Which I Am A Ranting, Raving Bitch

I know I always seem to be tired but I totally am this week. It’s not as busy this week compared to the hectic madness of last week’s orientation/pride events. But I’m feeling it this week.

College started back today. My timetable is pretty sweet in that I have Monday’s off and I only have one hour on a Friday. This is great because I have to take two buses either way to college so once I’m in, I’m in anyway and with society stuff, I’d be hanging around anyway. The long weekend also has the added benefit of making it easier to travel to T’s current location (which is about 5 hours away from me.)

I’m a bitch when I’m busy because I like things done right and I have a lot to do. In spite of college work, I still insist on being hugely involved in Clubs & Socs and Pride, and writing for my blog, An Focal and (maybe) another website in the next few weeks. I want to run, I want to plan my meals (my IBS is flaring up again), I want to lose weight (I hate to admit it but I also hate some of the Ms Gay Limerick photos of me floating around.) I have a group project to do in the next four weeks and I’m dreading getting put in a group which won’t carry their weight. It’s going to be a busy few months and I have no time for people who talk in the middle of lectures or who don’t do what they committed to do. I realise it sounds like I think I’m better than my class; I don’t, I’m just very particular about my grades.

So I apologise in advance if I piss you off. Please retain your love for me in spite of my snippy comments. I’ll be nice again in 10-14 days when everything settles again. I promise. x


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