101 in 1001: Send A Handwritten Letter

I love getting letters. Especially before you hit the age of receiving bills and other adult related ickies, getting post is one of the most exciting things ever. I had penpals from India and America when I was 9 and I always loved finding out about their lives and their culture. I loved going to the post office and getting expensive stamps and par avion stickers. Even then, I just really loved to write.

In the 10 years since my avid posting, snail mail isn’t really a thing anymore. I get occasional letters from college and the bank and that’s about it. Then Autostraddle came to the rescue!

Autostraddle started their Autostraddle Airmail program which basically just sets you up with a penpal who is as into AS as you are. Awesome 🙂 So now I have a pen pal in Namibia who’s interests are disturbingly similar to mine considering the only info I provided was my name, age and address.

Huzzah for stationery, stamps, pretty pens and making new friends.

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