101 in 1001: Waltz

I learnt a basic waltz in my mandatory ceili dancing class in primary school. This class was not particularly popular among a group of 10 year olds who were staunch in the belief that members of the opposite sex were rife with cooties.

But I can do a basic box step and turn and it’s gotten me through life so far. The opportunity to dance in a couple is not one that presents itself very often. Sinead and I banged out some moves two years ago at a session in Cha Healy’s in Kerry and that was the last time I had moved my feet in  time with another.

I don’t know how it came up, but I found out last week that T never learnt to waltz. We were at a dinner party at my friend’s house and everyone had had a glass or two of wine at this point. So I grabbed his left hand and put his right hand on my waist and showed him my basic one-two-three. There might have been music, there might not have been.

But it was amazing.


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