Review: Run Fat Bitch Run By Ruth Field

I’m not going to lie, I bought this book in a fit of “I need to lose weight” insanity. Had I not having a moment like this, I would have bypassed this like I had so many times before, utterly pissed at the concept that putting yourself down by calling yourself a fat bitch is the key to losing weight. I have no issue with saying that I was completely wrong about this book.

I’d been in a bit of  running rut. I hadn’t run seriously (i.e. more than 4 or 5 miles a week) in about 2 months and even though I enjoyed the other forms of exercise I was doing, it was far too easy to blow it off, especially when I was working long days in the hospital. Placement is a particularly sore issue for me when it comes to exercising because in my course, the length of time you are out only continues to increase from 4 weeks to 9 months to all the time when I’m qualified. What am I supposed to do, blow off exercise forever? It was starting to get to me and that in itself was contributing to my ever deepening discomfort.

I read ‘Run Fat Bitch Run’ in about 2 hours from cover to cover minus the section on post natal running (considering I am hoping this won’t be an issue for a few more years.) This book really is about running, not about destroying your self esteem. Yes, there are moments in it which are tough and that I will not be trying myself (she even prefaces these moments by stressing that you need a dark sense of humour and not to do this if you have any sort of mental fragility when it comes to self esteem) but all in all, it is a great kick up the arse to just get out there and run.

The target audience is beginners but it is equally as effective for someone like me who just got into a huge rut about hitting the road. Ruth Field’s stories about her own start to running, her family’s conversion and her own months of trying to get back in the fitness habit.

Why am I advocating this? The diet section is great. It is short and sweet and to the point. Basically, drink more water, eat less crap and go for your run. Simple stuff. Now just to motivate yourself to keep going.

It’s a good book. Go read it.


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