9 Kinda Disturbing But Still Totally Awesome Movies You Should See

1. Fight Club

Let’s start easy. This is my favourite movie of all time. It’s excellently written, excellently acted and if you ponder on the concept too long, you realise it involves psychosis, random violence and taking advantage of people with cancer. It’s a great movie.

2. Primal Fear

Another Edward Norton movie. Have I mentioned that I love him? A court case about the murder of an allegedly paedophilic priest by an altar boy. You know you want to watch it.

3. Secretary

I watched this last night on the advice of Niamh who claimed that this is the story line of 50 Shades of Grey but made 10 years ago and a lot less rage inducing and shit. My opening opinion of the film was that it was weird. But its fantastic. Don’t watch if your parents are in the room, you’re freaked out by BDSM or are squeamish of self harm. This is a fucked up and amazing movie.

4. Labyrinth

This is a kid’s movie. This is a David Bowie movie. All fine so far. And then you watch it and wonder whether, like Alice in Wonderland, it is anyway similar to mind tripped out on drugs. But it still has David Bowie so it is really good.

5. 8: The Mormon Proposition

I think this was the first movie in a long time to make me cry. Documenting the part the Mormon’s played in passing Proposition 8 in America, this is a heart breaking account of the opposition the LGBTQ community can face in the world today. 

6. American Gangster (Or Any Gangster Movie Really…)

I love gangster movies so much but point blank shooting people in the head still makes me flinch.

7. Mysterious Skin

On the plus side, there’s Joseph Gordon Levitt (yay!) On the down side, there’s a lot of rape (boo.)

8. Hard Candy

A young Ellen Page shows an internet paedophile what’s what. Need I say more?

9. Bowling For Columbine (Or Any Micheal Moore Movie Really…)

The main reason that these powerful documentaries are disturbing is because they show the true horror that the human race can subject others to. Watch immediately.


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