50 Questions To Free Your Mind: Question 1

Find all the questions here.

1. How old would you be if you didn’t know how old you were?

To put things in perspective, I’m currently 20 years old. Sometimes, I act like a six year old but this is often when something like Spongebob Squarepants or the Spice Girls come on the TV. Most of my childlike behaviour can be pegged down to one of two things: nostalgia or a lack of common sense. Case in point, I burnt out our microwave the other day because I was defrosting a bread roll on full power instead of the defrost setting and walked away to do something else. Our kitchen smells like burn. But does any of this really reflect on how old I feel?

Sometimes I feel like I’m 20 going on 30. I am super organised and task oriented. I have a tendency to mother people. I have a tendency to make budgets and to do lists. I am very focused on my career. I get broody. I try and diffuse confrontation in a way completely opposite from how I did when I was 15. I have strong opinions on healthcare, politics, education and child rearing. Teenagers tend to really annoy me (does this make me  cranky 80 year old?) But does any of this reflect on how old I feel?

I feel 20 when I am out in Costello’s, dancing to the Cure and drinking a Southern Comfort and white. I feel 20 when I’m singing. I feel 20 when I’m leaning on T’s shoulder in the cinema. But there are times when I do feel 10 years older than I should. Maybe I’ve seen too much. Between my friends and the hospital and my own recovery, I’ve seen a lot.

I’m settling. My only real preoccupation with age is whether the bar I’m heading into has a stupid over 23s rule. They don’t care what I’ve seen.


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