Losing Faith In The Human Race

I try to see the best in people. Yeah, everyone makes mistakes and can act like an asshole but on the whole, I like to think people are generally good.

Then you find a guy passed out in the street and everyone turns their head and moves on or takes a picture on their camera phone and laughs before moving on. All the guy needed was to have an ambulance called and be put in the recovery position but because he had a few drinks in him, it was “his own fault” and didn’t deserve any help.

Then you can’t help overhearing the phone conversation of the guy behind you on the bus (because he’s practically shouting) about how disgusted he was with himself for banging this manky girl and how if she didn’t take the morning after pill, he was going to beat the shit out of her. His mention of secondary school also placed him at a not-so-innocent 16 or so years old.

Then I go back to the A&E Department and watch the nurses who I aspire to become like dealing with all this type of shit on a daily basis and I believe in the goodness of humans again.


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