Super Search Terms

I do worry sometimes about the quality of what I post if these are the Google searches leading to the blog.

  • gond de wette (Midler?)
  • pictures sad girls in love This is just what my face looks like
  • sad study nerd Now you’re just being mean
  • i feel very queer pictures that was the look I was going for
  • fake nurses I’m trying my best!!!
  • i dont want to be your best friend anymore , i want to go beyond that Um… Awkward….
  • explain what made you afraid the spiders The stories of eating them in your sleep
  • not sure if sarcasm or compliment Its a frequent complaint with me
  • hipster cat chemistry I took that class in high school
  • gay pride nursing I’m thinking of patenting this specialty
  • why bot paraffin wax in a way of neutron Because this one time at science camp…
  • obsessive stalker I like to think of it as focused attraction
  • too fat to go out If you don’t get stuck in the bus aisle, you’re not too fat to go out
  • dreaming a weird tree You should probably lay off the late night cheese
  • “singing teacher” “student” “big tits” not that kind of website buddy
  • teacher lesbian fuck two girls still not that kind
  • tits okay, fine, we’re a porn site

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