My Next Phase Of Blogging

I really love blogging. I love writing. I love sharing honestly to a level that I find difficult in real life. I love the freedom to have my own sense of humour and do what I want.

I wish I were more consistent. I wish I were more relevant. I wish I were more influential. And most of all, I wish I didn’t wish all these things.

The next month is going to be super busy. I’m doing my 30 day fitness challenge, I am working in the emergency department, I am involved in organising two events for Limerick LGBTQ Pride and I am tipping away in the castle.

So I’m going to do my bucket list (from yesterday) and I’m going to blog around the 50 Questions That Will Free Your Mind and I’m going to try and survive the flurry of the next few months. I’m not going to worry about my weight (which is a challenge.) I’m not going to get too involved and get hurt (which is a challenge.) I’m just going to live. And try to get enough sleep in the process.

My former classmates and I heard some shocking news in the last few days and it puts this haziness in perspective. The world around me has a strange way of knocking me back into clarity, giving things that once seemed so everyday and almost trivial the true weight it deserves. Giving me an appreciation for what I have, who supports me, who I have become. From the ashes of tragedy, we become grateful for life. And all the silly little inconveniences fade away.


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