What To Do On Date Night (When You’re Broke)

I do like dates. I’ve mentioned this many times but its true. I went on a date yesterday and it was awesome. Trad and old man bars can’t be beat, especially when it came in at less than a tenner (I drank a lot of diet coke.)

I tend to be broke. I’ve also mentioned this many times before. So I like my dates to be cheap and cheerful. So here’s some stuff to do when your wages don’t want to make friends with wine.

10 Cheap Date Ideas

  1. Home movie night – its been done to death but its still way cheaper than going to the cinema. Plus you can watch gangster movies and make inappropriate comments. Et cetera.
  2. Play board games – play strip board games if you’re feeling saucy.
  3. Go to an art gallery – pretend you understand all the nuances of art. Act pretentious. Drink free wine if they’re offering.
  4. Go on an adventure – even if this just means wandering around your suburb. Look for places to  hide. Make up background stories for loitering teenagers. Hold hands.
  5. Cook! – I don’t care how un-feminist-ly traditional it is, I like cooking dinner for people. It’s why people keep me around.
  6. Get your skates on – roller or ice depending on the time of year. Laugh when you fall on your ass 🙂
  7. Go to the park – Or forest as the case may be. Hit up the playground until the warden throws you out for being old.
  8. See a band – local bands are usually free and surprisingly good. Then hit up a nightclub on a monday. Free too.
  9. See some animals – go to the zoo or the aquarium or a farm. If even that is too dear, go to a shelter and see if any cats or dogs break your heart enough to take one home. Inevitably leaving you with less money.
  10. Get the shift – no explanation required.

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