Workout On A Budget: 30 Day Challenge

As a college student, I know the pain of being stereotypically poor and having one too many nights of cider and pizza. I’m not a member of a gym and I own nothing more expensive than a pair of dumbbells and a yoga mat, but I believe that anyone can workout, get fit and enjoy themselves without breaking the bank.

So the 30 Day challenge I was going to do involves lots of equipment I don’t have and that is not in keeping with my thrifty ways! So I made up my own based on previous posts of Workout on a Budget and other Internet lovelies. This weekend fried my brain and liver and I need to start to learning to tolerate exercise while I’m on placement (I’m back in 2 weeks!) what with it being my career and all.

Here is the link to the 30 Day schedule:!314

And here is a link to any videos referenced:

I threw in some outdoor activities to get in some sunlight (or maybe it’ll be light rain…) so all non-video and other blog explanations are here:

Yoga: I’m going to keep doing my podcasts from Dave Farmar and Yoga Download, either one 60-90 minute session or one or more 20 minute class.

Run/Walk Intervals: This could also be run/jog or fast walk/slow walk. Warm up with a walk or easy jog for 10 minutes then alternate 5 mins hard with 2 mins recovery 4 times. Cool down with the last 2 mins and stretch 🙂

Run or Cycle: Get outside and do what you will!

Links to othamer workouts:


Disclaimer: I am not a fitness trainer, I am basing this off my own experience. Consult a professional before undertaking any new fitness programme.


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