Bulimia Awareness Day

I saw it on Medicinal Marzipan and then went to the Bulimia Awareness Day website. Bulimia

awareness is really important to me because my own brand of ED was non-purging bulimia. I thought I had made a lot of progress when I started in UL and then when exams hit, I regressed back to the kind of bulimia that people are more commonly aware of (purging type.) Binging soothed me; binging made me spiral into depression.

I binged for the first time in weeks last night and I feel pretty crappy about it. Not like before – I am not planning on starving myself or vomiting or going into self destruct mode. But its not a good feeling. I hate that my sugar free streak is broken. i hate how sluggish and awful I feel physically. I just feel blah.

I want awareness to not only include awareness of a serious condition. I want to be aware of myself, aware of my body, aware of my emotions and to use this awareness in a positive way. I want to practice what I preach as it were.

That’s my message for the day. Be aware. Treat yourself well. Remember love.



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