Sitting, Knitting And My Exciting Life

In between blogging about body issues, LGBTQ stuff and exercising, I do other stuff. Like work. And learn stuff. And then I ramble about them here.

  • I like to craft now. Maybe it’s because music is my job now and it’s not as satisfying as it was before. Maybe I just like putting birds on things.
  • Following on to that, I started knitting yesterday for the first time in years. The major advantage of this is that I am sitting up straighter.
  • Breaking Bad is amazing. Watch it right now. You’ll be far more curious about chemistry. And maybe crystal meth. Don’t do meth.
  • I am really busy with work and meetings and such but I still have a lot of down time. It occurs to me that all my have-to-be-there-appointments tend to fall on the same day.
  • Drinking all of the wine has not been detrimental to my weight loss. We shall call it the Glamour Girls diet.
  • People fight and don’t get on. I don’t like it.
  • I think if I lost my day planner, I might self combust. Or else huddle into the foetal position and cry until someone found it again.
  • Singing with my dad is fun. I had forgotten how much.
  • Sometimes, people say stupid things. Stupid, until you realise that they’re kind of true and maybe you should stop talking about boys so much.
  • The internet is running out of things to keep me entertained.

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